Gao Xiang Bio

Gao Xiang, at the start of the opening reception of  Gao Xiang: Interrogating Dreams , 31 October 2017, Katrine Levin Galleries, London

Gao Xiang, at the start of the opening reception of Gao Xiang: Interrogating Dreams, 31 October 2017, Katrine Levin Galleries, London

Gao Xiang

(b. 1971, Kunming, China)

Gao Xiang's works balance between dreams and reality, tradition and modernity, East and West. They are an examination of the human spirit, felt in the timelessness of his landscapes and the imagery of animals, especially the horse. For Gao Xiang, the horse is an extension of his soul and is symbolic of the universe and Chinese traditions.

Born in Kunming in 1971, Gao Xiang lives and works in Kunming and Beijing. He holds a Masters and a Ph.D from the prestigious China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing. In addition to being a practicing artist, he is a Professor at the Yunnan Arts University and Art Director at the Yuan Xiaocen Art Museum in Kuming. His installations, paintings, and works on paper have been widely exhibited internationally and collected by museums in China, Taiwan and Norway.

Gao Xiang’s works are deceptively simple. A master of conveying complex ideas, he achieves a harmony of contrasts while exploring the complexities of internal and external worlds. Using Western techniques, he references Chinese tradition within a contemporary rhetoric while inviting us to question, to look deeper.

The themes of Gao Xiang's major series - Who is the Doll?” and “The Dreams? – run throughout his paintings, works on paper, and installations. “Who is the Doll?” raises questions about contemporary gender equality while “The Dreams?” is an introspective exploration of the world.

In his installations, Gao Xiang is particularly interested in exploring space change, combining painting, the traditional concept of “borrowed scenery” (the classic Chinese gardening idea of incorporating the background landscape into the composition of a garden), and the contemporary concepts of installation art. “Through using organic glass and multi-element materials in my exploration of space change, I hope to bring new possibilities to artistic language and spirit.”

Select Exhibitions, Projects, and Performances

Gao Xiang's works have been widely exhibited in China and internationally, including France, United States, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, Korea, Canada, and Sweden. In addition to Paris and Norway, his unforgettable installations have been erected along the Great Wall of China and in the Forbidden Palace, in Beijing. His works have been collected by the Zhengda Art Museum in Shanghai, the China Century Museum, the Yonghe Art Museum, the Lingsheng Art Institute, the Yuan Art Museum, the Huantie Time Art Museum, the Ningbo Art Museum, the Xiameng Art Museum, Taiwan 85 Star Art Center, and the Vestfossen Art Museum in Norway.

Gao Xiang has lectured at the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre in Beijing, the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA - in the Oil Painting Department, Experimental Art Department, and School of Architecture), Sichuan Acedemy of Fine Arts, Yunnan Art lnstitute, Kyungpook National University in South Korea, Linkoping and Örebro Academy of Fine Arts in Sweden, the Chiangmai University Museum, as well as other universities in China and abroad.


Gao Xiang: Interrogating Dreams, solo exhibition (Katrine Levin Galleries, London, U.K.)

Gao Xiang: Interrogating Dreams( Chiang Mai CityArts and Culture Centre, Chiang Mai, Thailand)

2017 Yunnan Art Exhibition ( Kunming Museum, Kunming, China)

China Cultural Heritage Art Exhibition (Luo Yang Museum, Luo Yan, China)


From Nature to Mind – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition (Today Art Museum, Beijing, China)

The Art Exhibition of Chinese Heritage (Chengde Summer Palace, Chengde, China)

Elephant,  The Symbol and Source of Life – Ten Artist’ Visions of India (Yuan Xiaocen Art Museum, Kunming, China)

2016 China-South Asia-Southeast Asia International Art Exhibition of Oil Painting (Yunnan Art Museum, Kunming, China)


Salon Comparisons (Grand Palais, Paris, France)

The Spirit of China: The Fourth Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition -- A Study of Chinese Contemporary Expressionism PaintingOil Painting Academy of China Art Research Institute, Beijing, China

The State of The Two Kinds Art – German and China Art Exchange Exhibition ( Yuan XiaoCen Art Museum in Kunming, Neues Schioss der Eremtoge Bayreuth of Germany)


Poetry of Illusions - the Dialogue Exhibition of Marc Desgrandchamps and Gao Xiang (Ningbo Art Museum and Jiangsu Art Museum, China)

Somewhere ElseResche Gallery, Fecampe of Normandie, France

Woman and Other Things   (Pia Gallery, Paris, France)

The Exhibition of 10th Master Degree Class of Oil Painting Department in China Central Academy of Fine ArtsOil Painting Academy of China Art Research Institute, Beijing, China

Run with The DreamYuan Xiaocen Art Museum, Kunming, China

Above the Landscape Yunnan Museum, Kunming, China


The Thunder out of China (Arsenal Contemporary Art Museum, Montréal, Canada)

Urban MontageDaegu Art Development Museum, Daegu, Korea

The Exhibition of 10th Master Degree Class of Oil Painting Department in China Central Academy of Fine Arts Tian Jin Art Museum, Shang Don Art Museum and Shi Jiazhuan Art Museum, China


“A View from Tiny Things”--joint exhibition by American artist Raymond Saunders and Chinese artist Gaoxiang (AnFu Gallery, ShangHai, China

Looking for “Song of Pacing the Heavens”--Exhibition of Korea and Chinese ArtKyungpook National University Museum, Korea and Yuan Xiaocen Art Museum, China

Private View—Chinese Contemporary ArtPierre Gallery, Paris, France

The First Kunming Art Biennial ( Yunnan Museum, Kunming, China)

Fei Yi Hua Yi – Art Exhibition of Intangible Heritage ( Yunnan Art Museum, Kunming, China)


Distance – China and Norway Art ExhibitionWhite Box Art Museum 798, Beijing and Vest-agderfylkesmuseu, Norway

Art love LifeYue Art Museum 798, Beijing, China

ResonanceDouai City Culture Center, Douai, France

Overlooking—The Third Exhibition of Spirit of Academic ( China Century Museum, Beijing, China)


Autumn SalonCongress Palace Museum, Paris, France

Summer ExhibitionBoaigate Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

Art Beijing Peripheral ExhibitionHuan Tie Time Art, Beijing, China

Aggregate Perspective-China International Young Artists ExhibitionKorean Cultural Center, Beijing, China


Societe National Des Beaux-Arts SalonCarrouse Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Dongxi Gallery, Oslo, Norway

From Nature to Mind – A Joint Exhibition From New Intellectual Artists  (China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing, China)

Open Art 2009 (Örebro Konsthall City Art Gallery,  Örebro, Sweden)

The Dreams ( Kapitan Gallery,  Örebro, Sweden)

Mind of Being  (University of Missouri, Columbia, United States )

LingSheng (Chinese Critics Recommended Exhibition  (Beijing Contemporary Art Museum,  Beijing, China)

The Eleventh National Fine Arts Exhibition (Hu Bei Province Art Museum, Wu Han, China)

Contemplation – Orient ( 798 New Age Gallery, Beijing, China)

2009 Art ChinaHuan Tie Time Art, Beijing, China

Other Modernisms (Yuan Art Center, Beijing, China)

Overlooking—Spirit of Academic ( China Century Museum, Beijing, China)


Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition (YongHe Art Museum and The Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China)

Open Art2008 (Örebro Konsthall City Art Gallery, Örebro, Sweden)

After Culture – Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Painting  (Yuan Art Center, Beijing, China)

The Third Young Artists‘ Exhibition of China (China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing, China)


Return Back to Painting (Danish Art Exchange, Beijing, China)

Fusion and Creation — The 2007 Academic Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting Masterpieces (Capital Museum, Beijing, China)

The Dreams?  (International Art City, Paris, France)


Self-Made Generation---2005 a Retrospective of New Chinese Painting(Shanghai Zendai Museum of Fine Arts, Shanghai, China)

The Dreams of The Doll (Green T. House Gallery, Beijing, China)

Return Back to Painting (Guangzhou Art Fair, Guangzhou, China)

2005 International Visual Art Exhibition (Gallery Lista Fyr, Kristiansand, Norway) 

Impact (Silk Gallery, Harnosand, Sweden)

Poetic Connection (New Millennium Gallery,  Beijing, China)


Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition (Kwangju National Museum of Fine Arts, Kwangju, Korea)

The Dreams (TCG Nordica Gallery, Kunming, China)

The Mekong Project---Artist's Residency Program (Sovanna Phum Theatre, Phnom Penh, Cambodia)


The Third Oil Painting Exhibition of China (China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing, China)

The Mekong Project--- Artists' Residency Program (Chiang Mai University Art Museum ChiangMai, Thailand, Luang Prabang, Laos)

Gui Zhou Biennale (Gui Zhou Art Museum, Gui Yang, China)


Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition (International Canvas Art Gallery,  Amsterdam, Holland)


China Oil Painting Exhibition of Scholarship & Excellence (China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing)

Select Publications

Poetry of Illusions - the Dialogue Exhibition of Marc Desgrandchamps and Gao Xiang (2014, Chinese Book Publishing House)

Monograph Pattern·Style – Collected Works of Doctoral Research of China Central Academy of Fine Art, Gao Xiang (Anhui Province Fine Arts Publishing House, 2000)

 Monograph Contemplation on Space: A Study of Giorgio Morandi's Painting, Gao Xiang, (People's Fine Arts Publishing House, 2008)

 Monograph The Significance of Space: a Study of the form of Giorgio Morandi's Painting, Gao Xiang, (Yunnan University Publishing Press, 2008)

Running through the Streets of Beijing, Gao Xiang, (Bleu De Chine Press, France, 2000). French version was completed with the famous French scholar Roger Darrobers.