Gao Xiang's Series

Who is the Doll?

A series of works that evolved into a series of poems, “Who Is the Doll?” asks, through contradictions, questions about gender equality in post-Confucian society. Gao Xiang does not propose answers but encourages an honest examination, asking you to look more closely at the seemingly dominant figure of the woman, to look past the rhetoric and assess things as they are. In his words, Gao Xiang sought to investigate "the psychological imbalance of the social position of men and women from a fair-minded perspective.” According to the happily married Gao Xiang, the series is largely drawn on his personal experience and observations. The concept of the "Who is the Doll?" series is beautifully captured in an excellent short article by Ann Mellegard, the Founder of T C/G Nordica.

1.The Dreams °™°™ Triones    180x160cm  oil on canvas  √Œ°™°™±±∂∑–«  180x160cm ª≠≤º”Õ≤ 2009 .jpg

The Dreams?

“The Dreams?” series focuses more inward, addressing a more complex array of concepts. The recurrent theme is a small male figure in various aspects to a much larger animal figure, usually that of a horse. Despite the dominant role of the horse in China’s traditions and history, Gao Xiang’s affinity for the animal is subconscious. He says: “I personally have a fantastic perception of a horse, as if a sense of mystery and complexity is embedded in the creature.” For Gao Xiang, the horse is as an extension of his soul. The horse is at times gentle and at others ferocious, a duality of character shared by humans.

According to Gao Xiang, the small male figure also represents himself in “different relationships with the horse, sometimes interdependent and sometimes in conflict.” At times, the male figure is shown looking into the distance,  the pose representing Gao Xiang’s expectations for the future, still tinged, for now, with a sense of uneasiness