Translation for Chen Li's BBC video

Chen Li video for BBC2: Translation from Chinese

My name is Chen Li, I live in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province. I am inspired by the stunning landscape of Yunnan and the traditional Chinese culture and Buddhist philosophy. I learned a lot from my father, a famous artist here, but also had to fight hard to find my own voice.  That is why I isolate myself from the artistic community - to retain it.

I am thrilled to have the Human Buddha shortlisted for the Summer Exhibition.  I paint works from the Buddha series as a spiritual rejuvenation between painting abstracted landscapes. The Buddha paintings teach me that I need to give up something to create something new.

I am represented by Katrine Levin Galleries who will do my first solo show in London this June. Katrine suggested that I submit my work to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. I am so glad I did and nervous and excited about the results in May!