Levan Lagidze

Levan Lagidze


Georgian, b. 1958

I don’t believe that in today’s world the function of art is to shock, provoke or surprise its viewers. Rather, it carries a mission for harmonious existence and happiness. A relationship with painting is a participation in this infinite happy game.
— Levan Lagidze

Levan Lagidze is one of Georgia's greatest and most reclusive artists. He often says, “I don’t want to surprise or to shock you, I only want to share with you.” He shares, through abstraction, universal narratives such as landscapes and urbanisation. His works must be seen in person because the hidden universes within remain hidden in the two-dimensionality of mobile phone and computer screens.

In November - December 2018, Lagidze returned to London for the first time in 20 years with “LEVAN LAGIDZE | Bach Exercises”, presenting the only works available on the primary market. A very few works are still available.

“One of Georgia’s greatest artists.” This is London
“A distinct artistic coup … Utterly ravishing.” Galleries Magazine
“A Living Legend.” Dante Magazine




This is especially true of Lagidze’s highly textured artworks, whose fragments are fascinating in their own right. Lagidze hides layers of colour to encourage deeper exploration and urges visitors to zoom in on details with their mobile phone cameras to discover the hidden universes within.



Lagidze’s abstractions share with us universal narratives such as landscape and urbanisation. Here is a glimpse of the incredible light and landscape of Georgia that inspire the colours and textures of his works.