Mamuka Bio


(b. 1968, Tbilisi, Georgia)

My chief goal is to transform the mundane and the realistic into something special and elevated. (Mamuka Didebashvili)

Didebashvili’s memorable subject matter, original aesthetic, and technical mastery has compelled sincere and sustained public attention from its first appearance. His art awakens and gratifies layers of the human psyche that are childlike, magic‐loving, and fantasy‐filled, making an indelible impression on the viewer’s inner world.

Born in 1968 in Tbilisi, Georgia, Mamuka Didebashvili studied at the I. Nikoladze School of Art and the Painting Department of Tbilisi’s State Art Academy, Georgia. In the interim between the Art School and the Academy, at a time when Georgia was still a republic of the former Soviet Union, he was drafted and served with the elite airborne Special Forces unit in Afghanistan, charged with rescue missions. His life is incredible not only in that he survived, but that he was able to return to art, creating works filled with light and warmth. Widely exhibited in Georgia and abroad, Mamuka Didebashvili’s artworks have made an important contribution to the Georgian avant‐garde movement.

A master of both the figurative and abstracted genres, Didebashvili shows boundless imagination, high technical mastery, and the ability to conceptualize on a large scale. Influenced by old masters, he paints both figurative and abstracted works using imprimatura, a multi-layer Renaissance-era technique that allows light falling onto the painting to reflect through the paint layers - a laborious process that requires enormous patience and skill. 

Didebashvili’s figurative works often focus on subtly humorous depictions of universally definable human traits. When I paint people, I strive to convey their essence by hinting at their occupation through personal accessories that inform our ability to understand and interpret the characters. The whimsical costumes of the figures incorporate elements of his abstracted works, acting as an unconscious bridge between the genres.

Didebashvili’s abstractions are not confined by physical space; instead, they are windows into worlds that expand far beyond the four corners of the canvas, unfolding ever deeper under the sustained gaze. His versatility at non‐objective storytelling is enabled by the broad range of his artistic expressiveness. Didebashvili conveys emotionally charged expressions through complex geometry and robust colour combinations that are set in opposition to more reserved counterparts, creating an irresistibly contemplative world.

His worlds, both figurative and abstracted, acquire an additional dimension through his ingenious treatment of light, rendered with particular skill and imagination. At times, the light mischievously penetrates with particular brilliance the thinner constructs of colour and structure; at others, it daringly emerges as a surprising flash of hope where it is least expected, illuminating expanses amid metaphysically heavy regions.  The way Didebashvili dreams and remains hopeful is quite contagious.

Select Exhibition History

Solo exhibitions

2019 “The Magical Worlds of Mamuka Dideba”, solo show, Katrine Levin Galleries, Mayfair, London

2013 “VANDA’ Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

2007 TRIPTICH GalleryKiev, Ukraine

2006 Cultural centre "Georgian house",  Moscow, Russia

2005 Embassy of Georgia in London,  United Kingdom

2004 "HMS President" on the river Thames,  London, United Kingdom

2000 "Prospero`s Bookshop", Tbilisi, Georgia

Group exhibitions

2017 East West Fine Art Gallery, Naples, USA

2016 Bonita Springs Art Festival, Florida, USA

2016 Coconut Grove Art Festival, Miami, USA

2015  Patries van Dorst Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands

2015 Artexpo New York, New York, USA

2014 Barcelona Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain

2014 Parallax Art Fair, London, UK

2012 “Meeting with Pirosmani” Tbilisi, Georgia

2010 Art Gallery Line, Tbilisi, Georgia

2010"Hobby" GalleryTbilisi, Georgia

2010 Spring vernissage, NoHo, California

2009 Art Gallery Line, Tbilisi, Georgia

2009 Winter vernissage, NoHo, California

2009 Affordable Art Fair, London, UK

2009 Georgian Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

2009 Spring vernissage, NoHo, California

2008 Edinburg Art Fair,   Edinburg, UK

2008 Vernissage "Winter 2008" NoHo, California

2008 Art Ireland November Fair. Dublin, Ireland

2008 Affordable Art Fair,  London, UK

2008 Chelsea Art Fair, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London,UK

2008 Art Gallery Line,    Tbilisi, Georgia

2008 Vernissage "Spring 2008" NoHo, California

2007 Art Manezh,  Moscow, Russia

2007 Artexpo, Las Vegas, Nevada,USA

2007 Affordable Art Fair, London, UK

2007 Art Gallery Line, Tbilisi, Georgia

2007 Chelsea Art Fair, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London,UK

2007 Art Ireland Spring Collection 2007.Main hall of RDS, Dublin, Ireland

2007 Chelsea Art FairLondon, United Kingdom

2007 Art Ireland (spring)  Dublin, Ireland

2006 "Hobby" GalleryTbilisi, Georgia

2006 Art Ireland (winter)  Dublin, Ireland

2006 Affordable art FairLondon, United Kingdom

2006 The Dulwich Art FairLondon, United Kingdom

2006 Chelsea Art FairLondon, United Kingdom

2006 Central office of the "Rossiyskaja gazeta"  Moscow, Russia

2005 Art ManezhMoscow, Russia

2005 Art Ireland (Winter)  Dublin, Ireland

2005 "Saarland's kunstlerhouse", Saarbruken,Germany

2005 Art Ireland (Summer)  Dublin, Ireland

2005 Chelsea Art FairLondon, United Kingdom

2004 Hogarth`s ClubLondon, United Kingdom

2004 Art ManezhMoscow, Russia

2003 Art ManezhMoscow, Russia

2003 Arts. SokolnikiMoscow, Russia

2002 "Hay Hill" GalleryLondon, United Kingdom

1999 "Hobby" GalleryTbilisi, Georgia

1998“Edison” Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands

1992Modern Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia