Levan Lagidze bio


(b. 1958, Tbilisi, Georgia)

“One of Georgia’s greatest artists.” This is London
“A distinct artistic coup … Utterly ravishing.” Galleries Magazine
“A Living Legend.” Dante Magazine

Through color, rhythm, and texture, Lagidze weaves emotional connections inspired by universal narratives such as landscapes and cityscapes, urging you to look deep beneath the surface. Sharing is key to Lagidze, who says that art “carries a mission for harmonious existence and happiness. I do not want to surprise or to shock you, I only want to share with you”.

Levan Lagidze is one of Georgia's most significant living artists. Widely exhibited internationally, Lagidze’s abstracted and philosophical works are collected by leading museums worldwide, including The Tretyakov Gallery and Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, the National Picture Gallery in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University, in the U.S.

In October 2018 the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts in Tbilisi opened a new building with a hall dedicated to the artist’s work.

Creating a composition is like “measuring eternity with careful steps”

Lagidze’s art escapes definition except through a metaphor. He says that creating a composition is like “measuring eternity with careful steps”, where a blank canvas demands and promises complete immersion into the subject matter. In this state, concepts such as distance and time dissolve into an all encompassing here and now.

As Nana Jorjadze, the Georgian film director, scriptwriter and actress very aptly wrote, “Inside every square of Levan Lagidze's work is a separate universe. His world, his art, is a great galaxy. Perceiving his paintings depends upon distance: from afar, one sees a large canvas, but as one moves ever closer one's approach seems endless and one discovers ever more numerous and increasingly minute universes within.”

“Inside every square of Levan Lagidze's work is a separate universe”

And yet Lagidze’s abstract works are not at all abstract. The combination of colours and title paints a vivid emotional image, connecting to shared experiences and cherished memories. Our eyes might not immediately recognise it but our heart does. Inspired by the spectacular landscapes and cityscapes of Georgia, Lagidze weaves a tapestry of life experiences. The rhythm of Lagidze's gem-like colours invites you to pause, savouring the moment of discovery of hidden layers and textures, the hidden universes within.

For Lagidze, “there is no contemporary or not contemporary art. All artists that have ever immersed themselves in the language of art are in the present”. His art aims to share a common experience; to unite rather than disrupt or shock.

“Listening to Bach I see the Infinite”

Lagidze’s latest series Bach Exercises, spans three cities - Tbilisi, London, and New York, with new works created specifically for each location. The title derives from the spacing and rhythm of Lagidze’s works, linking his compositions to Bach.

“Listening to Bach I see the infinite … Each measure, rhythm, accent and pause is so precise that his music is always new and unexpected. This is the magic of universal composition. The music you can see or the painting you can listen to…”

Born in 1958 in Tbilisi, Georgia (then part of the Soviet Union), Lagidze graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1981. He founded and led an artist’s studio at the Tbilisi Artists’ House in 1983 and served as Chairman of Georgia´s Young Artists’ Union from 1986 to 1989. In the early 1990s he supported struggling Georgian artists in the economically turbulent and violent decade following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. In the calmer times of 2011, he founded the Lagidze gallery in Tbilisi to showcase his own works.

Public Collections

Lagidze’s works are collected by museums across Georgia, Russia, other former USSR block countries, and the United States, including:

  • The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia;

  • The Modern Art Museum, Moscow, Russia;

  • The National Picture Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia;

  • The Batumi State Gallery, Batumi, Georgia;

  • The Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, NJ, United States

  • The Gertsev Gallery, Moscow, Russia;

  • The "TMS" Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia


Private Collections

Levan Lagidze’s works are in private collections in Georgia, Russia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Canada, and the United States.


Exhibition History

Solo Exhibitions

In addition to rotating solo exhibitions at his own gallery, the Lagidze Gallery, in Tbilisi, Georgia:

2019 - Katrine Levin Galleries at Zurcher Gallery, Soho, New York City, USA

2018 - Katrine Levin Galleries at La Galleria Pall Mall, London, United Kingdom

2016 – National Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

2012 – Modern Art Museum, Kuwait City

2011 – Opening of Lagidze Gallery (Levan Lagidze’s private gallery), Tbilisi, Georgia

2010 – Exhibition Hall of Europe House, Tbilisi, Georgia

2007-10 -  Chardin Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

2004-6, 1998, 1995 – TMS Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

1994 – Central House of Artists, presented by Gertsev Gallery, Moscow, Russia

1990 – Georgian Centre of Culture Mziuri, Moscow, Russia

1989 – House of Artists, Tbilisi, Georgia

Group exhibitions

2009 – Oc-Eo Art – Contemporary and Modern Fine Art, London, UK

2008 – The Alla Bulyanskaya Gallery, London, UK

2004 – Silent Auction to benefit the American Friends of Georgia – Doyle, New York, USA

1998 – ART SALON’98, Moscow, Russia

1997 – “Going Back”, TMS Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

1996 – Galerie Seidel am Domhof, Cologne, Germany

1994 – “The Bigining”. CA Global AC, Vienna, Austria

1994 – Georgian Art, Steiner Haus, Bonn, Germany

1993 – Georgian Art, Riviera Gallery, London, UK

1990 – Georgian School - Drouot Auction, Paris, France

1986 – Retrospective of Georgian Art, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia