Anne Farrer's talk

A tremendous thank you to Dr. Anne Farrer for an incredible talk about modern printmaking in China. She brought the prints to life through a fascinating explanation of techniques and influences, and beautiful imagery. Xu Bing's reduction print, "Five Repetitions Series – Crop Fields, 1986", showing the deconstruction of the reduction print process, is a must see - at the Muban Educational Trust.

The talk was presented as part of the solo exhibition: Reflections in a Blue Lake: The Woodblock Prints of Chen Li, February 2018, London

Dr. Farrer is a Senior Research Fellow of the Muban Educational Trust and a Programme Director for the MA in East Asian Art at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. She is a former Assistant Keeper of "Chinese Paintings, Prints, and the Chinese Central Asian Collections" at the British Museum where she has created major exhibitions. Her exhibitions and publications include Caves of the Thousand Buddhas: Chinese Art from the Silk RouteThe Brush Dances and the Ink Sings; and Chinese Printmaking Today: Woodblock Printing in China 1980-2000.