An exhibition by the legendary Georgian painter, Levan Lagidze, who returns to London for the first time in 20 years.

The devil is in the detail

Especially with Lagidze’s highly textured works, where layers of colour are hidden to encourage deeper exploration. “On closer approach, one discovers ever more numerous and increasingly minute universes” (Nana Jorjadze, Director and Scriptwriter). Lagidze encourages visitors to take photographs of fragments of his works to discover hidden layers of detail and colour. Here, we highlight some of these fragments which are fascinating in their own right.


Lagidze’s layers of colour and structure connect to universal narratives such as landscape and urbanisation. These photographs capture just a glimpse of the incredible colours, landscapes and cityscapes of Georgia.

The new Museum of Fine Art in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi

The museum opened its doors this October with a central hall highlighting Levan Lagidze’s artworks.