A HUGE THANKS TO KCW TODAY for publishing our event at very short notice. A great paper with fantastic editorial content, including art, culture, and astronomy.

A HUGE THANKS TO KCW TODAY for publishing our event at very short notice. A great paper with fantastic editorial content, including art, culture, and astronomy.


The Ultimate London Art Guide: February Exhibitions | About Time Magazine

From woodblock prints to 20th century design, here's our guide to the best exhibitions in London this February. Glenn Brown: Come to Dust at Gagosian The Lowdown: Part of the Britart crew, Glenn Brown made his name with wildly exaggerated paintings that took as their starting point iconic works from art history.


Representing Asian artists in Europe: Katrine Levin Galleries London - interview

Art Radar catches up with Katrine Levin, to find out more about her mission to promote art from places less discovered. With works that bridge Chinese references and Western art traditions, Gao Xiang has been making art that ranges from works on paper and paintings to installations.


So grateful to have been invited to present a lecture this week about the gallery and our artists to a wonderful and engaged group of Sotheby's Institute students in the Master's programme, Modern and Contemporary Asian Art. What a great experience and a great group. A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Katie Hill for the invitation.


Art In Interiors: Painting by Chen Li

Artist: Chen Li Title: Evening Autumn Clouds Year: 2015-10 Dimension: 130 x 97 cm Technique: Oil on linen Canvas We can say there are four very important sources from which Chen Li has built his knowledge and his approach on the creation of art.


Chen Li: 'Paintings from the Heart'

East meets West in the first UK solo show of Chen Li (b.1971), who is being shown by Katrine Levin Galleries at the Coningsby Gallery in London this summer. Chen Li lives in China's stunningly beautiful Yunnan Province, and is inspired by the region's spectacular landscapes and Buddhist philosophy.

Katrine Levin: from lawyer to London art dealer

Katrine Levin is a respected London art dealer, who showcases exceptional emerging artists within the Western art world. After receiving her Master's in Art History from Christie's Education, her stepfather suggested that she visit artists' studios in Kunming, the capital of China's Yunnan Province, where he had been raised.


Do your research and then - jump. - Christie's Education Blog - Medium

What has your career been since graduating from Christie's Education? I founded Katrine Levin Galleries, which showcases and represents exceptional emerging artists, particularly from China. Was it always your ambition to work with Chinese artists? No, it happened by chance.


Katrine Levin Galleries | WÄHÄLÄ - Your Art & Design Blog from Berlin

I interviewed Katrine Levin Galleries on what it's like to run an art dealership in London I sat down with Katrine, founder of Katrine Levin Galleries a London based gallery "promoting and showcasing exceptional emerging artists from places less explored". We talked about setting up her own art dealership, China's Yunnan Province, and Royal Ballet dancer ...


Collecting Contemporary Chinese Art

At some point in their lives many people tire of dogeared posters on their wall and desire something more permanent and meaningful to display at home or work and start buying original art to fill this gap. Collecting art can enrich your life and home as all as acting as an opening to a new...


How to Begin a Contemporary Art Collection - SLOAN! Magazine

The thrill of discovering new artists and works is one of the most exhilarating things about building a contemporary art collection. But starting a contemporary art collection can be daunting. How do you select the right pieces that both give you pleasure and increase in value?


युन्नान के छन ली और आर्यकन्या वाली गली का मैं

ये छन ली की बनाई हुई तस्वीर है। ये मेरे मन में बिगड़-बिगड़ कर बन रही तस्वीर है। छन ली चीन के हैं। मैं आर्यकन्या स्कूल वाली गली का था। इस तस्वीर का नाम लाल छत है। मेरा नाम जिसे जो मन करता है, रख लेता है। चेन ली युन्नान