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Katrine Levin Galleries showcases and promotes exceptional contemporary artists from places less explored, focusing on Southwest China and Georgia.

The Galleries' bring extraordinary artists, both emerging and established in their own countries, to the Western art scene. The artists' cultural backgrounds form a fascinating subcontext and perspective while the contemporary visual language creates a common bond. 

The works span figurative to abstract, raw emotion to symbolic storytelling. Diverse in style, all of the artists pursue art for art's sake. The focus is on unique works that elevate the soul through an inner spark that we call talent.

It all started when ...

... Katrine's step-father, who was raised in Kunming, the capital of China’s stunning Yunnan Province, suggested she visit artists’ studios there. He opened her eyes and many doors. She was stunned by the calibre of art, depth of knowledge, and experimentation in Kunming. On returning to London, the concept of representing and showcasing talented artists from places “less explored”, both in and outside of China, was born.

Katrine's background is in law and art history. Her cosmopolitan roots span New York, China, Moscow and London.

How we work

We are a London-based online gallery with regular pop-up exhibitions. Many of the works are available for viewing in London by appointment, outside the exhibition schedule. Other works are at the artists' studios abroad and can be shipped on request.

  • Explore the collections and prices of our permanent artists here: ARTISTS

  • In addition to our permanent artists, we provide exposure to talented artists from other places less explored. Explore our Shop Artists here: SHOP


Please contact Katrine at katrine@katrinelevin.com or call +44(0)778900 1378.

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Photo Credit

Photo credit:  Jiguang Guo, Kunming, Yunnan Province; Deniz Guzel Photography Services; Paul Tucker Photography; and Katrine Levin Galleries. Images are subject to copyright.